Laura Diana Lopez

Integrative Wellness Coaching ~ Empowering Your Inner Direction
Fly Gym

FG2Fly Gym is fitness-play adaptable to all ages and abilities. It is an integrated practice, combining strength-training, core exercise, balance, inversion and stretching to create a workout that’s Fun!

We apply the swing and straps to stretch in ways we never could before, we play like we haven't since we were kids, and we develop muscles we didn't realize we had!

Fly Gym engages body, mind and spirit. Our sessions challenge our physical bodies and our limiting beliefs in a supportive environment, which translates to showing up for ourselves in life! 

Private sessions are available, contact me for details.

My classes have a fitness focus with a yoga twist. I specialize in Beginning Fliers, and Fledglings who need or want modifications.   For more information, contact me at

I'm currently teaching Mondays at 4pm and Saturdays at 1030am.  Reserve your swing at Body By X.


Catch you on the Fly!

Catch You On The Fly